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Omar, Forest Hills, NY

Great experience

Working with Richard Pisnoy was a great experience. By walking me through the process step by step, he removed much of the ambiguity and fuzziness around the purchase process. He was always pleasant, super responsive, and took the time to make sure I was comfortable with next steps.

Anthony, Neconset, NY

First time home buyer

Fernando Radillo at Silver Fin Capital Group was amazing. He is a knowledgeable expert in mortgage lending and made our first time home buyer process simple. His attention to detail and responsiveness is what you would expect from a true professional. Thank you again for everything.

Don, Emerson, NJ

Incredible Service

By far one of the best mortgage experiences I have ever had. I worked with both Andrew Weinberg and Seth Feinman, and their responsiveness was incredible. Within minutes of sending an email, I would receive a response regardless of the time of day. Rates and fees were far better than other lenders, and most importantly everything that was discussed upfront was what we saw at closing. The technology at Silver Fin was extremely impressive. E-signature and secure upload made for a quick and easy process. We were ready to close weeks ahead of schedule, and all the credit goes to the team at Silver Fin. Thank you.

Malik, Mount Vernon, NY

A superstar mortgage professional!!!

Buying a home with my fiancé was one of the most harrowing experiences of our lives, but Elliot walked us through every step of the process. His professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile and advocate for us is so appreciated. This is the first review I've ever written and I would do it 10 times over for Mr. Epperson. Thank you so much for having our back during this process. I recommend Elliot without reservation!!

Evy, Mount Vernon, NY

Elliott Epperson

I began working with Silver Fin, specifically Mr. Epperson through a friend’s recommendation. I must say that Elliott Epperson was awesome to work with! He was patient, thorough and knowledgeable. He kept an open line of communication, kept me abreast of policies and regulations so I could make informed decisions and he was always available to answer questions or to offer advice. His support made this process less daunting and did his best to keep my mind at ease. My fiancé and I will definitely recommend him to future home buyers. Silver Fin should be proud to have Mr. Epperson as a part of its team.

Geoffrey, Harrison, NY

Solid Customer Service, Would Recommend.

We found Justin at Silver Fin through Lending Tree, and he stood out from all the cold calls submitting a quote request generated by being far less pushy and not-over promising. Where other brokers were making rate promises that were clearly too good to be true, Justin was honest and provided clear expectations and explanations. Throughout the process, he was very accessible and knowledgeable about the process, helping to coordinate the attorney and real estate agent. I would work with Silver Fin again.

glagasse, NY

The Best Mortgage Broker Around!

Can’t say enough great things about what David Schindel does within the mortgage and refinancing business..He says what he means and means what he says! Most importantly, he’s honest, extremely reliable and always does the right thing to help you in the process. He’s incredibly responsive to all methods of contact, whether it be by email or by phone..It’s quite impressive actually..Look no further for all your mortgage needs..David is by far the best around and I will not hesitate to use him again in the future.. Highly Recommended! Thanks again DS!

user11288494, N Bergen, NJ

Great service!!

I was a first time buyer and Michael was extremely patience and helpful to me. He was very thorough in explaining every detail and procedures with me. I will use these guys again for my next mortgage requirements.

mdklamie, Thornwood, NY

Very satisfied Homeowner

Michael is a pleasure to work with. He is knowledgable as well as professional and always very responsive. Michael made sure everything went timely and smoothly!

Yves Bony, Jersey City, NJ

Elliot's Epperson's knowledge

Elliot has helped us Purchase out 1st home a little over a year ago and came through when the previous mortgage broke almost closed the door on me near the end. He dove in just in time to actually closed the deal on my 1st home and I am very, very thankful till this day. His expertise made thing a little less hectic. It's like playing football he was the fullback and I was the running back and he guided me to make the touchdown. I'm working on something else and I'm currently using him again.

zuser20161005070319583, New York, NY

Great Experience

Through a recommendation from friends I engaged Richard to assist me with the purchase of my first home. I have been extremely impressed by Rich's reliable, professional and approachable way of working. As buying my first home was a very new experience for me I was somewhat daunted by the process. Rich's patient, methodical, thorough and transparent approach has been very reassuring, alongside his willingness to answer my many basic questions and his proactivity in ensuring I was able to secure a low interest rate for my loan. I would highly recommend Silver Fin Capital and will definitely return for any future mortgage matters.

zuser20140814105957795, Commack, NY

FHA 1st time home owners and our experience with David was incredible!!!!!!!

Let me start off by saying that David is everything and more that is described on every single review on this website. Being that we had never dealt with a home purchase before I had a million question and David always answered and kept us at ease at any given time. He is extremely knowledgeable and went out of his way to make sure we understood everything about FHA Mortgages and the process. Our closing was a DREAM!!!! David and his team are fantastic and do not skip a beat. We truly received impeccable service and would use them again in a heartbeat.. I'm so happy we choose him to go through this process with.

01Don J

By far one of the best mortgage experiences I have ever had. I worked with both Andrew Weinberg and Seth Feinman, and their responsiveness was incredible. Within minutes of sending an email, I would receive a response regardless of the time of day. Rates and fees were far better than other lenders, and most importantly everything that was discussed upfront was what we saw at closing. The technology at Silver Fin was extremely impressive. E-signature and secure upload made for a quick and easy process. We were ready to close weeks ahead of schedule, and all the credit goes to the team at Silver Fin. Thank you.

Omar Kassam

This being our first purchase in the US (us being from the UK) I wasn't sure what to expect when going with a mortgage broker. But from the outset, Richard Pisnoy broke down the purchase process for me into palatable pieces, walking me through each stage of the process. While I did shop around for rates, I ended up going back to Rich simply because his rates ended up being the most competitive and the level of service Silver Fin provided was excellent. They walked us through each step of the way, keeping us updated on everything that was happening and (more importantly) what we needed to do next. Excellent service and great rates - 5 stars.

Hman nguyen

Silver Fin Capital is the best in the business for a home mortgage. Their staff is very friendly, thorough, and quick to respond  to any question you may have. Personally, I had the pleasure of working with Richard Pisnoy and throughout my loan process, he was there for me every step of the way. He was very knowledgeable and fun to work with. So look him up for your mortgage need!!

Anthony Ruiz

What a great experience. This company knows how to take care of its clients. As for my loan officer Fernando Radillo, truly amazing! This guy was engaged from day one through the closing. A true professional with all the knowledge you would expect from a seasoned mortgage specialist. Thank you for making our first home purchase a memorable one. We would have been able to do it without you. You are my loan officer for life. Everyone in my network will know about Fernando Radillo.

Hector Villacis

Couldn't have picked a better lender.  Justin Greenberg was very informative and straight forward.  He was through and made the mortgage process easy and less stressful.  He made sure to inform you of the next process in the loan application and made sure you close in a timely manner.   I had to close in less than 2 month and he was ahead of schedule to the point that the seller had a hard time catching up.    Good stuff!  Well worth it!  I highly recommend him if you need to close asap.  He is a man of his word.

Faith Altschuler

I had a great experience working with Justin Greenberg at Silver Fin Capital for my recent refinance. Justin was very professional and communicated well regarding the process and what needed to get done as well as making suggestions that kept our closing costs down. We were very happy with how painless it was, Justin was always on top of everything so there were no surprises. We were able to reduce our interest rate at a very reasonable cost which was awesome!

Home appraisal too low to qualify
for the desired loan amount:

Your situation doesn’t have to be this complicated. In fact, most aren’t. Silver Fin Capital always finds the best loan product for your unique situation.

SW1976:    "I had some appraisal issues with one property that I was looking to purchase. Things did not work out, but Bob Hetherington and Silver Fin Capital credited the appraisal fee towards the purchase of another property. That kind of customer service is difficult to find in any business."

Purchasing a home for the first time:

At Silver Fin Capital, we understand how stressful it can be to become a homeowner. We simplify the loan process so that buying your first home becomes an exciting experience.

JOSHALLY2123:    "I am a first-time homebuyer, and I was completely in the dark on how to apply for, let alone obtain, a mortgage. I was nervous and scared, and kept wondering how would do I do this. That was until Jason Schorr walked me through the entire process and found the best mortgage for me at a great rate. Any time an issue would come up Jason was on top of it, explained everything to me and put my interests first when negotiating with the lenders."

Dealing with the stress of refinancing:

KathyK:    "Refinancing has always been a stressful activity for me, so I was surprised and thrilled that my recent experience with Silver Fin Capital and Michael Perlman was a good one. Michael worked nonstop to ensure everything went smoothly, and when I hit some bumps in the road he was there with his expertise and helped me work through them. Silver Fin Capital and Michael Perlman have demonstrated what it is to truly work with the client to make refinancing a good experience."

LBshore:    "I want to take this opportunity to thank Richard Pisnoy and his staff at Silver Fin Capital for their efforts in helping us refinance our home in Long Beach. After the stress in dealing with all of the damage, cleanup, and restoration from Hurricane Sandy, having a problem-free and easy refi was welcomed and took a load off our shoulders. Their professionalism and caring was like a breath of fresh air!"

DHardman:     "I actually didn’t want to refinance because I heard that lenders were tightening their strings and making it difficult to get approved. I’m so glad I changed my mind. While I did recognize a lot more paperwork throughout the process, Fernando made it all easy by giving me step-by-step instructions. He simplified the process for me."

Complicated income documentation:

Although many lenders will refuse a borrower with complicated income, we work with several that understand entrepreneurs and independent contractors.

NewBuyer:    "As a self-employed entrepreneur, getting a home loan has never been harder. After trying with others, Silver Fin Capital helped us get an amazing home despite every hurdle that everyone in the process threw at us. They were confident, poised, professional, knowledgeable, and brilliant at making things happen for us. Successful entrepreneurs need folks like these!"

ugarles:    "We had a tricky file. At the time I was working as a freelancer with an itinerant work history, which meant that although my income was OK I was often not able to show "X" consecutive paychecks from the same employer. Andrew Weinberg stuck with us through the process, even after one bank decided to keep turning around our application every time my employer changed. He got us a second bank that met the excellent rate that the first bank was going to give us."

MrDewayne:    "I had a very difficult loan because of my income and my request for a super-jumbo loan. My Silver Fin Loan Originator has a vast knowledge of the products available and he laid out directions, what to expect, and how to get things done with the lowest costs and least headaches. Most people, when thinking of a mortgage, immediately get a headache or feeling of dread. Not me, after I contacted Silver Fin Capital."

Dealing with changing regulations:

All of our loan officers participate in continuing education to maintain their licenses and to keep current on developments in the mortgage industry. Our clients know they will always receive the most up-to-date information from Silver Fin Capital.

Tanta:    "Working in the financial sector and owning a home for years, I thought that I knew everything about a mortgage. I was wrong. The process has changed and so have the regulations. Silver Fin Capital and Richard Pisnoy went above and beyond all my expectations. From saving me money on mortgage tax by doing a CEMA to breaking down my confusing income correctly to setting up a closing in my office, they showed me that they are second to none."

What about a low credit score?

Silver Fin Capital has the experience to help you best manage a low credit score so that you can get a loan that’s right for you. A low credit score doesn’t have to be an obstacle. Silver Fin Capital can help you deal with this challenge and many others.

Sam1:    "I had some issues with my credit and finances, which at the time prevented me from getting the loan I wanted. While the other lenders I contacted basically blew me off, my Silver Fin Loan Originator laid out in great detail how to get my credit scores up along with doing some minor credit repair for me and showed me what I needed to get into the loan I most desired and that would be best for my family. My biggest surprise was that he would always gently contact me to see how things were and if there were any questions I had. This went on for over a year. Finally I got everything in order and was able to purchase a home on the terms I wanted. On top of it all Silver Fin Capital had the best rates and lowest closings costs."

PaulM:    "I was getting terrible rates and terms from other banks – some of them clearly didn't want my business! My credit is less than average, and my finances were not adequate, but Donny Janevski knew exactly what to do. He took the time to understand my situation and figured out exactly how to make my finances work for my refinance. If you want somebody who truly understands the business and takes the time to understand your situation, then look no further! And of course, the rates were the best I could find!"

Sandy:    "I used Michael DeLeonardis on a recommendation from my husband. Michael was very knowledgeable, honest and helpful. He even helped me improve my credit score so that I could get a better rate."

Frustration with other lenders:

Not all mortgage lenders share Silver Fin Capital’s passion for customer care. Whether the loan application is challenging or simple, all of our clients receive the same personal attention.

karenrebecca:    "We had a very trying mortgage experience with another vendor who made empty promises for weeks before we met our Loan Originator at Silver Fin Capital. He was amazing: sympathetic to our experience thus far, clear in his explanations and answers to us, no false promises, and available at all hours, day or night. In spite of delays on our end, he came through for us and managed to get our loan cleared and closed in under two weeks."

MCosta:    "Fernando Radillo and his team did my refinance when everyone else told me that I was unhelp-able. I love this company."

JohnNG:    "It's amazing to think that the last time I refinanced with another bank it took over 2 months and lots of headaches. This time around, Fernando Radillo took just 3 weeks to close and made it look very simple."

Aida:    "I knew going into the process that my loan was difficult. Other lenders stopped contacting me after the initial conversation. Mr. Trembone, however, stuck with me. He helped me navigate through my title issues and helped me get my credit from a 700 to a 740 so that I could not only just get my loan done but have the best interest rate possible, all at no extra charge. I was impressed with the amount of time he spent helping me to understand the loan process and everything involved in it. He even encouraged me to shop around; this way I knew I had the lowest rate possible. Not only did Silver Fin Capital have the lowest rate I could find, but they were by far the cheapest by way of closing costs."

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